Check out the show – I’m on at about 11 minutes in. It’s short and sweet.

It always seems that the end of a year and beginning of a new one has me pause to reflect. It’s probabaly true for many people. This year feels like there is even more to reflect upon. Most of us had our worlds rocked back in March – stay home orders, new virus running rampant, navigating working from home while “remote” learning and teaching our kids. It has certainly been a year of unexpected challenges. On the flip side, as I reflect upon what 2020 has meant for me and my family, there were and have been a lot of beautiful moments and experiences. I’m not naiive to think my experiences are a reflection of anyone else’s experiences but my own. I do, however, beleive that if we pause and think back on the whole of the year, some good has come of it. That isn’t to say I didn’t cry or worry or have a lot of anxiety about how the heck we were going to pay bills or get groceries, or that I didn’t feel really alone. There were many days like that. But there was also a lot of good.

I decided to write a list of the GOOD that came out of 2020 – because its really easy to dwell on what wasn’t. So here goes – and my challenge to you – take 15 minutes and write down as many GOOD things you can think of that came out of this peculiar year.

  • I work from home – so when my kids were sent home from school and the schools went remote – I was already here to make sure they learned
  • I had my best year in business (AMAZING!!!)
  • My kids got closer to one another and have grown in their relationships
  • We got to hike (60 miles!), camp, and be together as a family more than ever before
  • Al and I have maintained and grown our connection with one another even though we are together even more (and I know some families have REALLY struggled with that – I feel incredibly blessed)
  • My kids and their cousins have developed a much closer relationship
  • I’ve forced myself to learn some new technology and just DO THE HARD THINGS (which are all things I wanted to do but kept procrastinating)
  • I’ve gotten dressed MOST days and have been featured on Deanne’s IG over 20 times in 2020
  • I spoke on the LuLaRoe Live Show!!

One of my big goals in 2020 was to grow my business and LEAD more. And what a cool way to end out my year – by being asked to speak as part of the weekly LuLaRoe Show about what positives have come out of 2020 for me as a retailer. Not gonna lie… my first reaction was… oh crap! I better get in the shower! But truthfully, whether I hopped in to get ready or not, I was honored to be asked. And the best part… I got to talk briefly about YOU, my community. Without my LLR community, I am certain I wouldn’t have made it through this past year. A year ago I left my “sure thing” career as an SLP to focus on my boutique. Then Covid reared it’s ugly head and it brought every single decision I’d made about my family’s future and my career path into question. And then… my beautiful community pulled me up when I needed lifting and showed me just how incredible you all are. And when you’ve needed encouragement, I’ve been able to offer that to you. In a year when connection has felt REALLY hard to grasp hold of, I’ve felt more connected than ever to you, my customers, friends, and fellow retailers. My Community. I’m incredibly grateful for all of you.

Share some of your reflections with me below – let’s celebrate each other!



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