Holiday Gift Guide

I’m going to make this one short and sweet. Links to some of my favorite gifts that if you order ASAP should be to your people before the holidays! But ya better get on it…shippping is CRAZY this year due to COVID.

Ya’ll…if you know someone who loves food, you NEED to gift this to them. I was first introduced to when I got a gift certificate for my birthday. They ship all kinds of amazing food goodies from all over the country TO all over the country. If you love homemade Tamales – I highly reccomend Texas Tamale Company But I have a feeling you can’t go wrong with ANY of your choices. The coolest part? Your recipient gets to pick where they want their food from – seafood, candy, cakes, steak…you name it.

I was recently introduced to Red Aspen Nail Dashes and they are a super fun, super quick way to get a salon looking manicure for a fraction of the cost. They are a perfect stocking stuffer or secret Santa gift. They range in price from $13-15 and are REUSABLE! How cool is that?

If you have a kid or significant other who likes gadgets AND likes to draw and do graphic design, this might be the perfect gift. This one is an XPEN version but there are all kinds and all price points. This one fit in with our budget-friendly shopping idea. It isn’t a stand alone drawing pad, so you will need a computer, phone or iPad to run it off of – but I’m down if it means we don’t need to have 10,000 sheets of paper with random drawings on them all over our house!

Here is a special gift for your friends who need some reminders to never settle. I love this company and it helps support 2 more boss babes (and you KNOW I am ALL about that)! These necklaces come with all kinds of sassy sayings and I just love them! You can bet “Santa” has one under the tree for me!

You can grab the necklaces here and also get ALL things baby at Nature Baby Outfitter and my amazing friend Amber owns it – so if you have questions be sure to reach out to her. She is a baby mama GENIUS!

If you have a kid or significant other who likes LEGO or Star Wars, you should probably get them the Mandelorian. Just sayin.

Last, but not least, if you are struggling to find the perfect gift, I have the solution! Grab your girlfriend, sister, mother, daughter or friends a gift certificate from me! Seriously- I have options for every BODY and everybody. Plus, they get to pick out what they want- how awesome is that? Send me an email to get one today!

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